Canadian Capers-Chandler, White & Cohen -

marts 11th, 2012 |
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I heard you call for an all-star band
It’s something new for the music stand
It’s on the way, but before we start
A-cuttin’ capers around your heart
You’re gonna cheer when you hear this band
There’s never been a better crew
And when you hear the drummer
Lawdy, how the joint’ll hum
A-cuttin’ capers just for you

You’ll never pick about or pick a quarr’l
With Mister Krupa or with Frankie Carle
You’ll never dig a list of bigger names
A-cuttin’ capers with Harry James.
With Benny Goodman and his clarinet
And Tommy Dorsey’s in it, too
Alvino Rey will star
A walkin’ talkin’ steel guitar
A-cuttin’ capers just for you

Listen to that tenor saxophone
Never heard it played with such a tone
And when you get that lic’rish stick
Out in the woodshed, son
Why it’s Papa Benny Goodman
And he’s showin’ ya quick
How the proper lic’rish stickin’s done
Listen to that fiddle player slap, slap, slap
Boy, he plays it, he really lays it, in your lap, lap, lap
Say, I’ll bet before they’re through
You’ll be cu-u-u-u-u-u-tin’ capers, too

(Instrumental Break)


(Instrumental Break)

Cuttin’ capers ’cause I’m out with you
Nothin’ else that I’m about to do
My heart begins to flutter like a dove
I even stutter (Guess it’s love)
I’m cuttin’ capers so you’ll notice me
When we’re together, can’t you see
I’m only blowin’ off
A-talkin’ big, a-showin’ off
A-cuttin capers ’cause it’s true
Baby, I’m in love (Baby I’m in love)
Baby, I’m in love with (Baby, I’m in love with)
Baby, I’m in love with you!

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